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Booking Terms and Conditions (the Terms)

General Terms (which include an indemnity)

1. By paying the registration fee you are registering your place on the London Santa Run for your
chosen charity and undertaking to raise the £100 minimum sponsorship for such charity.

2. All registrations fees are non‐refundable. However you can transfer your place to another runner
at any time up to 14 days before the event by calling us on 0207 424 5522.

3. The minimum age for participants is 8, providing that under 16’s have parental / guardian consent
and that they run with a responsible adult that is named by the parent / guardian. Those under 18
will need a letter of parental consent.

4. Precise dates and venues were correct at time of going to press but are subject to change.

5. Photography and filming may take place at this event to be used for promotional material. Please
inform Skyline or a member of staff on the day of the event if you do not wish to feature.

6. If you are a Group Leader, booking for or on behalf of other people (the Group), you undertake
and warrant that you will and/or have brought these Terms to the attention of all members of the
Group whom you warrant have or will read and accept them.

7. I indemnify and hold harmless Skyline Promotions Ltd and its employees and agents against any
claim or claims from members of the Group where I have breached my obligations, undertakings or
warranties set out in paragraph 6 above.

Medical Restrictions

You should be suitably fit to take part in this event and you are strongly advised to undertake some
training. If you have any doubts about your ability to take part including without limitation having
pre‐existing medical conditions you should contact your doctor to seek advice.


Running is an active sport and participation in such sports necessarily involves a risk of injury or
death regardless of the standard of the organisation of the event you are taking part in. I voluntarily
accept all the risks inherent in this event and I agree for myself and my personal representatives to
indemnify and hold harmless Skyline Promotions Ltd against any claim or claims whether on my own
account or from third parties arising out of any accident or incident resulting in any loss or damage
(including bodily injury and death). I confirm I have read all the sections of these Terms, and I
understand and agree to be bound to those terms and conditions and to comply fully with the same.

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